Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Peter Gammons and Joe Morgan embarrassed themselves by defending Barry Bonds

Why does Joe Morgan continue to embarrass himself when it comes to Barry Bonds and steroids?

Morgan leapt to Bonds' defense when Philadelphia fans were taunting the tarnished slugger. One fan's sign said, "Ruth did it on hot dogs and beer." Morgan retorted, "wasn't beer against the law when Ruth played?"

Wow, Morgan has sunk to new depths. What a pity he's cheapening his own Hall of Fame career with that kind of rhetoric. Why any former player would want to defend Bonds is beyond me.

Then there's Peter Gammons. He spoke about the trials and tribulations that Roger Maris and Hank Aaron when through when they broke Babe Ruth's records. Gammons then compared Bonds' experience to that of Maris and Aaron. What those men went through was nothing like what Bonds is dealing with. Bonds is facing the wrath of fans because he broke the law and cheated the game of baseball. Maris had his problems because he was taking aim at a cherished legacy. Worst of all was what Aaron went through because he was being unfairly targeted because of his race.

Gammons is also a member of the Hall of Fame (writer's wing). His comments about comparing Bonds to Maris and Aaron was a disgrace.

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