Friday, September 01, 2006

Greece Shocks U.S. Basketball Team: Face It, the NBA Is an Inferior Product

Anyone who watches an NBA games this winter will be wasting their time, anyone who gives the NBA their money is wasting hard-earned cash.

Greece Shocks U.S. Basketball Team - New York Times

Well, Team USA lost in the semifinals of the World Championships.

Face it, the NBA is not a very good basketball league and definitely is not as good as it advertises itself to be. We stopped watching the NBA several years ago and we don't miss it.

Don't kid yourself. After the United States has turned in abysmal performances in the last two tournaments many American sports fans were told this team was the best squad of cagers since the 1992 Dream Team. Well, this special crew of future legends will now be playing for the lowly bronze medal.

In terms of quality of play, the NBA is the worst of the 4 major North American sports leagues but, the NBA runs the biggest hype machine out of all of them.

Most Americans assumed that Team USA would win the goal medal without any regard for the opponents or any knowledge of the players on other teams. (Can you name 2 guys on the Greek squad? One?) Look at the salaries of our home-grown losers. YOU pay those 8-figure salaries.

David Stern assumes Americans will gladly hand over hundreds of dollars to watch crappy basketball games filled with players who are more concerned with choking their girlfriends, firing guns in public, filming movies and promoting sneaker endorsements.

Hopefully, David Stern will be disabused of that notion, his league is a disaster and a joke.

The NBA is dead to us. Are you really looking forward to misguided hoisted shots, crummy free throw shooting and 84-77 final scores?

The NBA is not worth the money, time and attention of American sports fans.

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